Welcome to Jim Dahl’s College Hockey Ranked

This site will be the home of my future musings and analysis on college hockey rankings, particularly the RPI and pairwise (PWR) rankings that mimic the NCAA’s D-I men’s hockey tournament selection process.

This isn’t a new endeavor for me, just a new home. I’ve long been interested in the rankings, and over the years have participated in a lot of message board analysis and prognostication. The types of questions I like to think about are:

  • What would happen to its PWR if Boston College swept this weekend?
  • Is Minnesota a lock for the tournament?
  • What does Quinnipiac need to do for the rest of the season to make the tournament?
  • Which of Miami’s comparisons are most likely to flip?

Over the years, I’ve built a set of calculators and tools to help myself and others answer questions like the above. Many of those tools were posted at SiouxSports.com (another site of mine). They include the following:

For the past seven seasons I’ve also been running simulations of the remaining college hockey season to forecast what could happen to PWR in coming games.

My goal with this site is to try to bring together all of that ranking news and analysis (and perhaps some exciting new stuff) into one place so it’s easier for people to find and use. I hope that separating it from the North Dakota-specific content of SiouxSports.com will make it more accessible to the broader college hockey community.

The first step is this blog, so watch for some new analysis soon!

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