New ranking tables and tools

I’m pleased to announce CollegeHockeyRanked’s new ratings tables and tools. Though everything covered by this announcement is based on a previous product from another site of mine,, each has been redesigned from the ground up. The rankings include tables for RPI, PWR, and KRACH plus a comparison table of teams’ ranks across multiple ranking schemes. The historical charts page lets you view the history of KRACH, RPI and/or PWR over the course of the season in a graphical format (with coverage of over 10 seasons). Finally, the conference standings “what if” calculator lets you see what effect predicted game outcomes will have on the conference standings.

Two major design principles make these tables and tools different from previous versions on and other sites:

  • Phone, tablet, and computer support – Each was designed to be responsive to screen size to have full functionality on any size screen, but still take advantage of the extra real estate available if viewed on a large screen.
  • Supporting details – The RPI and PWR ranking tables provide a wealth of background information as to how the rankings were calculated, including information that could help you think about how future games are likely to affect those rankings. The RPI Details page (see Minnesota Duluth example) in particular was designed from the ground up to give better insight into the impact of individual game outcomes on RPI under the new RPI formula that has been in use the last couple seasons.

Getting these basic tables and tools designed for the modern web, a variety of devices, and the new RPI formula is the foundation on which I hope to build some exciting new tools and analysis in coming months and years. Stay tuned!

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