Introducing the PWR Calculator

I’m please to announce an exciting new tool, an interactive PWR calculator. The calculator lets you see how PWR would be affected if already played games had different outcomes, if future games turned out a certain way, or if unscheduled (fictional) games were played.

PWR Calculator

While changes to PWR over the years have stabilized it and removed some of its biggest quirks (the TUC cliff), it’s somewhat unavoidable in any ranking scheme that there will be outcomes that have a surprising or outsized impact. The tool makes it easy for you play “what if” and see how PWR would differ with different game outcomes.

Like everything on CollegeHockeyRanked, it was designed from the ground up to work well on your mobile device, your tablet, or a computer. It’s also exceptionally straightforward and easy to use—providing a point and click interface to try different results, filters to help you focus only on the games and rankings you care about, and instantaneous feedback on your scenarios with no recalculate button or form submissions.

Here are a few interesting things to look for in the calculator right now:

  • If #27 Harvard had beat #11 Minnesota in either game of its November 17-18 series (lost 2-4 and 1-2 in OT, respectively), Harvard’s PWR would currently be 19 instead of 27, an 8 rank jump! Winning both would have further catapulted the Crimson to 13.
  • #8 Nebraska-Omaha is happy to have split with #1 Notre Dame in the October 26-27 series. Had the Mavericks lost instead of a 6-4 win on October 26, they would now be #16 instead of #8.
  • Because a team’s PWR ranking is relative to other teams (it’s a comparison of each team to all other teams), results that don’t even involve a team can affect its fortunes. #11 Minnesota would instead be #8 right not if #16 Michigan had defeated #4 Clarkson.

Any questions? Did you find anything interesting yourself in the calculator?

2 thoughts on “Introducing the PWR Calculator

  1. Patrick Machado

    Any chance that this calculator could be formulated for D-III? I cover Oswego State for WTOP-10 TV and this would be incredibly useful for our game coverage late season.


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